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 What is Role-play? A explaintion.

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PostSubject: What is Role-play? A explaintion.   Tue Feb 15, 2011 8:52 pm

Free Form Post for Post RPG is a common format for chat-based roleplaying. It is integrated in an on line chat room or forum that is designated for role play purposes. Individuals choose a character based upon the theme of the room or forum which could be based upon a novel, movie, song, etc. It is up the individual(s) on what character(s) they may wish to develop and play. Once development of their characters is complete they enter into the room, or forum and begin to interact with other characters/actors via chat in a post for post fashion not unlike a theatrical play you might see in real time upon a stage. All play is based upon actions and reactions of the players thus given the impromptu of the characters in certain situations.

In free form P4P Role play gaming combat you are not allowed to call your hits and must give your opponent the opportunity to respond to your post in a "they post–you post" situation thus the Post for Post.

Free Form P4P Role Play Gaming rooms/forums are more interested in the development of your characters and the interactions you have with other characters then it is in many other on line RPGing forms. Some people have taken years to develop a character and not unlike actors upon a stage there is a certain rush when given the ability to think upon your own and use your imagination to get out of adverses situations. Good Free Form P4P players will always leave an out for their opponent and many long time Free Form P4P Role Players have likened this form of gaming to playing a game of chess with the mind.


While this is useful, it's confusing for the younger members of the role-play world and I will simply state this.

A forum role-play usually is where you design a character by text and anime pictures for any kind of RP imaginable. It could be a wolf RP or a Highschool RP..Anything!
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What is Role-play? A explaintion.
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